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. . . .

Issue of Books and Tracts to Distant Quarters.

      On the recommendation of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, the Committee have afforded a liberal supply of Books to the Charity-Schools aat Prince of Wales' Island: .... The care of the Committee has likewise been extended to the little Colony on Pitcairn's Island, in the South Pacific Ocean, and a supply of Books furnished to them, with a suitable Letter addressed to John Adams and others resident there.

Letter to John Adams, and others at Pitcairn's Island.

      The supply of Books to Pitcairn's Island was forwarded, in July last, by Capt. Henderson, of the Hercules, accompanied by the following excellent letter from the Rev. J. Hawtayne, one of the Secretaries.

      It is with peculiar pleasure that I take an opportunity of sending to you by Capt. Henderson, of the ship Hercules, a small stock of religious books; of which, probably, your society on Pitcairn's Island may stand much in need. They are a present from a Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge established in this country; and I am sure, that the prayers of this Committee attend their present, that the books may lead to the advancement of you all in religious knowledge and in Christian holiness of life. You will find books of instruction fitted for all ages; and may God Almighty prosper you in the use of them!

      At some future time, perhaps not very distant, you may find opportunities of imparting the knowledge which you acquire, to the Natives of other islands, in which the Name of Jesus Christ is not known; and may become blessed instruments in the hand of God for extending the Kingdom of his Son our Lord. I trust that you will eagerly seize any such occasion; and that, by the example of your own lives and by bringing up your children, in habits of piety and virtue, you will recommend the Christian Religion to others, as the only means of attaining true happiness here and hereafter.

      The Committee would be very glad to hear of the welfare of your little society.

. . . .


      This letter was dated Calcutta, July 15, 1819 and addressed to John Adams and the other islanders; it was signed by "J. Hawtayne, Joint Secretary".


The source of this transcription was published in the following journal:

Missionary Register, December 1820, p. 532.