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The Columbian Star

(Washington, D.C.,)

March 22, 1823

Late Omissions.

Pitcairn's Island. -- It appears from London papers, that on the 8th March, 1819, Capt. Arthur, of the American Whale ship (Russel) touched at the above island, where he found about 50 inhabitants, descended from the mutineers who seized Capt. Blight's[sic] ship the Bounty. When at the distance of three or four miles from the shore, they were boarded by the crew of a boat from the island, who were remarkably interesting young men. Bread and butter were set before them, but they refused to eat, alleging that it was their fast-day, but being much importuned to eat, they partook, though slightly, but not till after they had implored a blessing. And after their repast was finished, a hymn and prayer was preferred with great devotional propriety, their boat needing repair, was taken on deck and completed before the next morning, to their great satisfaction. -- After landing on the island, Capt. Arthur and others ascended a high hill, assisted by a young man named Robert Young. They then met with the venerable governor, John Adams, who was attended by most of the women and children of the island, and were welcomed to their shores in the most artless yet dignified manner. They were then invited to the village, and a dinner was prepared for them, consisting of pigs, fowls, yams, and plantains. A blessing was asked, and thanks returned in an impressive manner. The time and manner of the colonization of this island are to most general reader well known. John Adams and six Otaheitan women, are all that is left of the Bounty. Forty-nine have been born on the island, two of whom are dead, which leaves 53 persons on the Island, now in good health without exception. A few years ago, the Directors of the London Missionary Society sent out some Bibles, Prayer-books, and School-books, for the use of these people, which were delivered, and thankfully received. A receipt for the books, signed by John Adams, has come to hand.



This transcription was made from the following newspaper article:

"Late Omissions / Pitcairn's Island," The Columbian Star (Washington, D.C.,) March 22, 1823, p. 4.