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VOL. XXII.                  SEPTEMBER, 1826.                  No. 9.


      The singular manner, in which Pitcairn's Island has become the abode of Christian people, is too well known to most of our readers to be here described. Such, however, as have not the history of the island in distinct recollection, are refered to p.23 of our sixth volume.

      The object of the following letter to Mr. Bingham, of the Sandwich Island mission, is sufficiently explained by the letter itself.

Pitcairn's Island, July 20, 1824.

      Reverend Sir, – By the desire of John Adams, and the other inhabitants of this place, I write these few lines to inform you of our great need of a minister of the Gospel; and should esteem it a great kindness if you would endeavor to help us with one as soon as possible, as we are now here as sheep without a shepherd.

      The inhabitants of this place are fast increasing, being at present fifty-nine. We use our poor and imperfect endeavors to worship our Maker; but still we are in great want of an ordained minister, to administer the holy ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper, and to instruct us in the performance of our duty. I stopped at this island, by desire of the inhabitants, to assist in instructing them to read and write. I thank the Lord, that, since my arrival at this place, I have been convinced of the errors of my past life, and my chief desire is, to increase in the knowledge and love of God, and for others to do so also. When Capt. Henderson arrived here in the ship Hercules of Calcutta, and brought a supply of books and other articles, he brought a letter to say, that a minister was coming shortly. It is now between five and six years since, and we hear of no one being sent.

      So if you would endeavor to send us one, you would greatly oblige us all. And I think, by the help of God, it will be the means of saving many souls, and a blessing to the pastor, if we should have the happiness to see one arrive. We will make his residence as comfortable as shall be in our power.

(signed)            John Adams,
John Buffett.

Rev. Hiram Bingham.



This transcription is taken from the following item:

      "Letter from Pitcairn's Island to the Rev. Hiram Bingham". The Missionary Herald, Vol. 22, No. 9 (September 1826), pp. 278.