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In addition to various growth systems, we have a growing range of fabrication tools on campus at our disposal. 

E-beam NanolithographyAlex-SEM

We use a Jeol JSM-IC848a microscope equipped with the Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS) for nanoscale lithography.  This 40 kV thermionic emission microscope has a quoted 4 nm imaging resolution and we have demonstrated <10 nm performance in its current location in our laboratory.  Though the microscope is a useful tool for investigation and characterization of our devices, the main use is for e-beam lithography via computer control of the electron probe. A second SEM, an FEI Sirion 400 with a field-emission source is waiting to be commissioned to add to our capabilities.

We have recently acquired a second microscope, an FEI Sirion 400 with a field-emission source, that will be installed soon to extend our capabilities.

Our lab also houses supporting equipment including spinners, hot-plates and ovens for preparation of PMMA and PMGI resist layers.

COMING SOON:  DU Nanoscale Physics Fabrication Facility (working title)

In collaboration with the Fan and Siemens groups, we are currently planning installation of 200+ sq. ft. of class 1000 clean space including modern plasma etching, photolithography, and wet chemistry facilities.  Details to follow soon...

Off-campus facilities:

Zink group members continue to enjoy use of the DOE Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies and other nearby fabrication facilities as needed.