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Principle Investigator:


Prof. Barry L. Zink (Full CV)
Professor of Physics

Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, UC San Diego, 2002
M.S. in Physics, UC San Diego, 2002
B.S. in Physics, UC Santa Cruz, 1996

Member of APS (GMAG, DMP, DCMP, GIMS), MRS, IEEE Magnetics Society (Senior Member)

Outstanding Referee (Physical Review Journals, Review of Scientific Instruments)
George T. Piercy Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
DU Natural Sciences and Mathematics Excellence in Research Award, 2013
National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2009
National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, 2002-04

Google Scholar and ResearchGate and ORCID

Graduate Student Researchers:

Rachel Bennet (expected graduation Spring 2020)

Michael Roos

Leo Hernandez

Sam Bleser

Matt Natale

Undergraduate Student Researchers

(coming soon...)

Alex Hojem, Beverly (dog), BLZ, Sarah Mason, and Devin Wesenberg, Summer 2014.

Group Alumni (PhD and Post-doc):

Devin Wesenberg, PhD 2018, Heat, Charge, and Spin Transport of Thin Film Nanostructures.  Currently Process Engineer, Lam Research, Portland, OR.

Alex Hojem, PhD 2016, Thermal Effects on Spin Currents in Non-local Metallic Spin Valves. Currently Postdoctoral Scholar, UC San Diego with Prof. Ivan Schuller.

James Hays-Wehle, Post-doc (jointly with NIST Boulder), 2013-2015, Currently Physicist, NIST Boulder Quantum Sensors Project.

Sarah J. Mason, PhD May 2014, Nanoscale Thermoelectrics: A Study of the Absolute Seebeck Coefficient of Thin Films.  Currently Process Engineer, Broadcom Technologies, Fort Collins, CO

Dain Bassett, PhD Jan 2014, Measurement of Low Temperature Thermal Properties of Microcalorimeters using Johnson Noise Thermometry.  Currently Process Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Jason Underwood, Post-doc 2012-2013, Currently Physicist, NIST Gaithersburg Quantum Voltage/Quantum Electronics

Robert Horansky, Post-doc (jointly with NIST Boulder), 2009-13. Currently NIST Boulder Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division

Azure D. Avery, PhD 2013, Thermal and Electrical Transport in Ferromagnetic Metal Thin Films.  Currently Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver. Formerly Post-doc, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Rubina Sultan, PhD 2010, Measurement of Thermoelectric Properties of Amorphous Silicon Based Thin Films. Currently Senior Process Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Nikhil Jethava, Post-doc 2009, Currently Sr. Business Strategy Manager, Microsoft

Farhana Baset, MS 2007, Defect and Magnetic States in Amorphous Magnetic Semiconductors. Currently PhD candidate, University of Ottawa.

Group Alumni (Undergraduate Researchers and Other Visitors): 

Gail Cotteril, 2011-2013, B.S. 2013

Di Wei, 2010-2012, B. S. 2012, Thesis: Measurements of Thin Film and Nano Hybrid Thermoelectric Materials.  Currently PhD student, Harvard University, Yacoby Group

Joseph Rauch, 2010-2012, B.S. 2012.  Currently PhD student, Brandeis University

Jessica Olson, 2010, Visiting Researcher, Cherry Creek High School Physics Teacher

Greg Stiehl, 2008-2010, B.S. 2010, Thesis: Measurement and Reduction of Sensitivity to External Magnetic Fields for NIST SQUID amplifiers. Currently PhD student, Cornell University, Dan Ralph Group

Erik Partridge, 2009-2010, B. S. 2010, Thesis: Exploring Temperature Dependent Resistance of Semiconducting Thin Film Thermometers

Andrew Bacino, 2009

Abby Johnson, 2008-2009.  Currently Adjunct Faculty, Colorado School of Mines, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.