Welcome! Lynn Schofield Clark is an author, Associate Professor, and Director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media at the University of Denver.


Lynn Schofield Clark is currently supervising four research projects as Director of the Estlow Center: The Constant Contact Generation/Digital Media and the Generation Gap (which has formed the foundation for the book Media Rich and Time Poor), Young Media Makers: High School Journalism, Youth, and Civic Engagement; the Global Students Online Project, and Popular Culture in a Religiously and Culturally Plural World.

Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism Studies, University of Denver, 2490 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80208 (303) 871-3984. Email: Lynn (dot) Clark (at) DU.EDU.