Welcome! Lynn Schofield Clark is an author, Associate Professor, and Director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media at the University of Denver.





Journalism & New Media 2008

Innovations in Mass Communication 2009

Alternative Journalism and the Environmental Movement 2007 (download syllabus)

Understanding Communication 2007

Journalism & New Media 2006 (download syllabus)

Media Ethics & Civic Engagement 2005

Media, Democracy, and Youth Culture 2005

Media, Democracy, and Youth Culture 2003

Doing Media Research on the Music Industry




Graduate Seminar on Qualitative Research Methods 2009
Critical Approaches to Digital Media Studies 2008
Doctoral Seminar on Qualitative Methodology (Download)


Background and Experience :

My love of teaching is what originally motivated me to get a Ph.D. and is what keeps me in academia today. I have had the honor of teaching at the undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. levels at three institutions: the University of Colorado, the University of Dayton, and United Theological Seminary.


My teaching philosophy

As a teacher, I aim to create a friendly environment of mutual respect where learning can occur. I also aim to be relevant and practical. I draw connections between social theory and the professional and policy concerns of contemporary media industries whenever possible.


I believe that the courses I have taught are clearly structured, and I frequently discuss with the students why I have included the assignments, readings, lectures, and invited guests I have, and how the class will be useful for them in their chosen professions. I am also flexible. In the Fall of 2001, I changed the course syllabus after September 11 so as to better engage students in discussions that linked the course material with current events. I did the same when the U.S. entered Iraq in Spring 2003. My music class focused on the industry's responses to downloading as suits unfolded across the country. I strive to be fair and clear in grading policies: these are explained in the syllabus and before each assignment's due date. I seek out opportunities to improve my teaching, and have found participation in the Graduate Teacher Program and the Faculty Teaching Excellence Programs at the University of Colorado to be particularly useful.


When I plan my class discussions, I respect what you as a student bring to our time together. I make a concerted effort not only to learn your interests and background, but to incorporate these into class goals as often as possible. For instance, in larger undergraduate classes I've distributed short surveys asking favorite media choices and have drawn upon these for my examples when teaching, thereby shaping some of my own media choices around yours so as to keep examples relevant. I have required doctoral students to submit papers for academic conferences and have had undergraduates participate in mock job interviews as well as collaborative research efforts. I also make a special effort to involve students of color, special needs students, and international students by incorporating issues of diversity into class presentations, discussing concerns individually, and expecting sensitivity on the part of all class participants. I enjoy one-on-one interactions with students as a part of all classes I teach, and see these meetings as a crucial first invitation to continued interaction.

In short, I aim to model professionalism through my organization, preparation, and respect for your time and contributions.


Comments from students::

"This class was by far the best learning experience I've had here at CU."
"Lynn is an excellent teacher -- able to bring in relevant readings, assignments, etc. The best part is her ability to let us discuss topics and bring us back into the topic. And she's always full of examples - theoretical and practical - which are very helpful."
"Lynn was articulate and organized, very clear about the topic/dicussion about the class."
"She definitely made the course a very interesting and challenging experience."
"Lynn is incredibly good in teaching and dealing with Ph.D. students!"
"Lynn's a great teacher - very accessible, and she knows her stuff."
"Good job presenting material and explaining assignments."
"Lynn is always there to help if needed and is easy to approach."
"Very enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style - you were extremely approachable and understanding - the class was a great experience."
"Lynn was a great prof, and I loved coming into class."
"Very, very good teacher, patient and understanding."
"One of the best teachers I've had."


Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism Studies, University of Denver, 2490 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80208 (303) 871-3984. Email: Lynn (dot) Clark (at) DU.EDU.