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ICT 4135
Introduction to Programming with C++


ICT-4135 Spring 2009 Syllabus


  • HW1: First Class Assignment: Gearing up HTML PDF

    Note: This (optional but recommended) assignment is due the first night!

  • HW2: First Program HTML PDF
  • HW3: Control Logic HTML PDF
  • HW4: Functions HTML PDF
  • HW5: Files, Arrays, and Pointers HTML PDF
  • HW6: An Abstract Data Type HTML PDF
  • HW7: Experience With Class HTML PDF
  • Supplements

    • See Ecollege Resources tab for ICT4135 Slides

    C++ Class orientation, support, and helpful notes

  • Books for the courses
  • Homework Guidelines
  • Homework Template
  • Compilers
  • C++ Compiler Notes and Recommendations
  • Odin/DU Computing Center/C++ Compilers
  • Summary of some compiler features
  • Application Notes
  • Object Oriented Notation Summary
  • Input Loops in C++
  • DU Resources

  • eCollege
  • Instructor Email
  • Draft C++ Standard (Jan 97)
  • Other C++ Resources

  • Silicon Graphic's STL Home Page
  • Newsgroup comp.lang.c++
  • Newsgroup comp.lang.c++.moderated
  • Newsgroup comp.std.c++
  • Contacting the Instructor

    Michael I Schwartz

    Home Phone: 303-394-3117

    Office Phone: 303-971-6781

    Address for mailed assignments: 402 S. Ivy, Denver, 80224

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