Scammon, pp.313-319
350barrels of bread.200pounds of tea.12bushels of coarse salt.
100barrels of flour.1,200pounds of coffee.300gallons of vinegar.
180barrels of mess beef.50pounds of chocolate.6dozen 2-lb cans roast beef.
90barrels of extra prime pork.2pounds of hops.4dozen 2-lb cans roast mutton.
1,000barrels of fresh water.6bottles of essence of spruce.6dozen 2-lb cans soup and
1,600pounds of codfish.12bottles of pepper-sauce.bouillon.
2barrels of mackerel.8pounds of ginger.6dozen 2-lb cans clams.
1,200gallons of molasses.25pounds of pepper.4dozen 1-lb tins canned lob-
1,200pounds of sugar.6pounds of allspice.ster.
2,000pounds of butter.1mat of cassia.4dozen 2-lb tins canned oys-
6barrels of Indian meal.6bottles of ground mustard.ters.
300pounds of rice.1quart of mustard-seed.4 dozen 2-lb tins canned tur-
33bushels of corn.1pound of nutmegs.key.
20bushels of beans.60pounds of saleratus.1,800pounds soap.
400pounds of dried apples.1pound of cloves.1barrel oil-soap.
300pounds of cheese.1/2bushel of fine salt.50pounds sperm candles.
2barrels of cucumber pickles.6bottles of lemon syrup.12gallons whale oil for burn-
15bushels of onions.3pounds of sage. ing.
50pounds of raisins.3pounds of summer savory.2gallons sperm oil for burning.
1large medicine chest, full.2gallons brandy.6dozen pain-killer.
5gallons New England rum.2gallons port wine.3dozen rat exterminator.
20bushels charcoal.1wrench.2pairs tongs.
14bushels Cumberland coal.1lot of old bolts.1set taps and dies.
100pounds assorted iron.1anvil.1screw-plate.
1bar steel.1/2pound borax.1dozen assorted files.
1soldering iron.1/2pound spelter solder.3punches.
1vice.2pounds soft solder.1cold-chisel.
1hand hammer.1bellows.  
3,500barrels of oil-casks.1pair compasses.1stock howeling knife.
2 1/2tons hoop iron.5vices.1leveling plane.
100pounds 5d. rivets.1bit-stock.8cast-steel hammers.
100pounds 4d. rivets.1/2dozen bits.18cast-steel drivers.
5pounds 3d. rivets.2spokeshaves.8cast-steel punches.
5pounds 2d. rivets.1saw.8cast-steel cold-chisels.
16barrels sand.1bilge-plane.2rivet sets.
800pounds flags.3marking irons.2worm-punches.
50new staves.2anvils.3flagging-dogs.
300feet yellow pine heading.1inshave.1round plane.
1piece red cedar for worm1heading saw.1cooper's horse.
50pounds chalk.2tap-borers.1water-butt.
1double iron jointer.1axe.1grindstone-tub.
1large croze.1adze.6line-tubs.
1small croze.2chamfering knives.1cooper's bellows.
1patent croze-iron.2drawing knives.500bungs, assorted sizes.
700feet white pine lumber.1compass-saw.6firmer gouges, assorted.
12pine and spruce planks, as-1/2dozen augers, assorted sizes.2chalk lines.
 sorted lengths.1broad-axe.2spike gimlets.
100feet oak plank.2jointers.2deck-nail gimlets.
900feet cedar boat boards.2fore-planes.12nail gimlets.
24boat timbers.2smooth-planes.2rough gimlets.
12boat knees.1hollow-plane.3claw-hammers.
2boat stems.3round-planes.1boat hammer.
1boat keel.1adze.1pump hammer.
1oak plank for gunwales.1iron square.5whetstones.
40white-oak butts.1carpenter's rule.2sandstones.
3grindstones with cranks.1bevel.6wood files.
1calking mallets.2board gauges.1pair large boat nippers.
4caulking irons.2compasses.1pair small boat nippers.
1panel-saw.1scarfing chisel.4narrow axes.
1wood-saw and 1 extra plate.3socket chisels.6broad hatchets.
2handsaws.7firmer chisels, assorted.2deck hatchets.
1splitting-saw.1try-square.1hold hatchet.
1back-saw.4socket gouges, assorted.2large half-round wood rasps.
5flat files, assorted.20pounds clinch nails.5dozen iron and brass screws,
3half-round files.12pounds timber nails. assorted.
12hand-saw files.5pounds wood-end nails.50pounds old lead.
4small saw files.2pounds lap nails.20pounds sheet lead.
3round files.4pounds foot nails.10pounds coppering nails.
1saw-set.10pounds ceiling nails.5pounds sheathing nails.
1screw-driver.6pounds 6d. wrought nails.50pounds wrought iron spikes.
1bit-stock.6pounds 8d. wrought nails.12sheets yellow metal.
5gimlet bits.12pounds 10d. wrought nails.1pound clinch copper nails.
11assorted bits.15pounds 8d. cut nails.2pairs steelyards.
1spoke-shave.25pounds 10d. cut nails.18roughs and clinches.
1drawing-knife.10pounds 12d. cut nails.  
1caboose, complete.2dozen corn brooms.4large platters.
2sets grates for same.2dust-pans.1dozen assorted bowls.
2sets linings for same.2dust-brushes.4nappies.
1spare tea-kettle for same.2chairs.3bakers.
1spare steamer for same.4stools.1 1/2dozen soup plates.
1spare boiler for same.2looking-glasses.2dozen dinner plates.
4stew-pans.1molasses gate.1dozen dessert plates.
2frying-pans.1carving knife and fork.1 1/2dozen mugs.
1cook's ladle1set of table knives and forks.1 1/2dozen saucers.
1cook's fork.16spare knives and forks.2butter dishes.
1cook's skimmer.1dozen spoons (table).2sugar bowls.
1cook's bellows.1dozen spoons (tea).3pitchers.
1tinder-box (flint, steel, etc.)1britannia soup ladle.1large stone pitcher.
1chopping-knife.1table steel.1chamber.
1chopping-tray.1tumbler basket.2soup tureens.
1sieve.1hand basket.1large covered dish.
1coffee-mill.2bushel baskets.1castor, complete.
1mortar and pestle.1gross of matches.3spare bottles for same.
1table-bell.2dozen flints.1dozen tumblers.
1cabin-bell.2scrubbing brushes.2salt-cellars.
2stoves and pipes.1/2dozen Bristol brick.1large oval dish.
2tables.1tinned iron wash-basin.1gravy dish.
2table-covers.2cook's shovels.2spittoons.
2dozen table-cloths.1corkscrew.1cabin clock.
2dozen birch brooms.1pair scissors.  
1sextant, provided by the cap-2binocular glasses.1log-book.
 tain.2fourteen-second glasses.2log-slates.
 Quadrants and octants, provid-1transparent compass.4nautical almanacs for succes-
 ed by the officers.4brass boat compasses and 2 sive years.
2chronometers. wooden ones.2account books.
1barometer.2brass binnacle compasses.4memorandum books.
1thermometer.1mast-head compass.3sticks sealing-wax.
1spy-glass.1binnacle lantern.1/2dozen lead pencils.
1dozen slate pencils.100envelopes.1Gunter's scale and dividers.
6dozen steel pens.3 1/2quires letter and note paper.1set charts around the world.
1.2dozen pen-holders.1/2quire bill paper.1set harbor charts (foreign.)
2bottles of ink.4inward manifests.1parallel rule.
4whaling bomb-guns.15two-flued harpoons.4Pierce's harpoon bomb-lance
150bomb-lances.150toggle harpoons. guns.
5powder-flasks.35cast-steel lances.50Pierce's bomb-lances.
5chargers. 10pounds bomb-gun powder.
1set cutting blocks.2coils of 15-thread ratline.1coil 6-thread worm-line.
1set cutting-guy blocks.2coils of 12-thread ratline.1coil seizing stuff.
23-sheave purchase blocks.1coil 2-inch tarred rope.1coil 3-yarn spunyarn.
14-sheave purchase blocks.1coil 2 1/4-inch tarred rope.1coil 3 3/4-inch Manila rope.
22-sheave purchase blocks.1coil 2 3/4-inch tarred rope.1coil 3 1/4-inch Manila rope.
1set of burton blocks.1/2coil 3 1/2-inch tarred rope.1coil 2 3/4-inch Manila rope.
1 1/2dozen spare sheaves.1/2coil 3 1/4-inch tarred rope.1coil 4 1/4-inch Manila rope (cut-
1 1/2dozen spare sheave-pins.504pounds old tarred rope, as- ting-guys).
1 1/2dozen spare jib-hanks. sorted.1spare cutting-fall.
1dozen spare hoops (stay and4coils 2-inch Manila rope.1spare lance line.
gaff).3coils 2 1/2-inch Manila rope.2,000pounds old junk.
4mast-hoops.2coils 1 3/4-inch Manila rope.1ship's ensign.
1lot belaying-pins.1coil 1 1/2-inch Manila rope1agent's signal.
2sets pump gear.1coil 5 1/4-inch Manila rope (for1set private signals.
1pump hook. cutting-falls).2spare log-lines.
6handspikes.2coils 18-thread ratline.2spare hand-lead lines.
4watch-tackle blocks.1coil 2-yarn spunyarn.2dozen fish lines.
2dozen assorted blocks.1coil 3-inch Manila rope.1deep-sea lead line.
30coils of whale-line.3coils 2 1/4-inch Manila rope.1deep-sea lead.
1 1/2coils of 4-inch tarred rope.1coil 9-thread worm-line.11 hand lead.
400pounds white lead.1galloon copal varnish.12large size paint-brushes.
250pounds black lead.10pounds whiting.6sash tools.
60gallons linseed oil.50pounds putty.3seam brushes.
2gallons Japan varnish.50pounds chrome green.25panes window glass.
2gallons spirits turpentine.50pounds yellow ochre.4pounds chrome yellow.
10pounds verdigris.10pounds Venetian red.10pounds burnt umber.
12papers lampblack.3pounds Prussian blue.1/2barrel coal tar.
10gallons bright varnish.10pounds red lead.  
1spare lower yard.1spare topmast.1fore-topsail.
1spare topsail yard.1spare jibboom.1main-topsail.
3rough spars.1foresail.2topgallant-sails.
1fore spencer.1mainsail.2mizzen-topgallant-sails.
1fore-topmast staysail.2royals.1spanker.
1jib.1main spencer.15bolts assorted canvas.
4dozen pairs of blankets.2dozen monkey jackets.7dozen striped cotton shirts.
4dozen suspenders.4dozen short jackets.20pieces of calico.
4dozen comforters.6dozen sheath-knives.6dozen sheaths and belts.
6dozen Scotch caps.6dozen jack-knives.6dozen blue woolen trowsers.
10dozen woolen drawers.6dozen mittens.6dozen drab woolen trowsers.
10dozen cotton drawers.20dozen stockings.6dozen duck trowsers.
8dozen Guernsey frocks.10dozen shoes.25pounds of thread.
6dozen duck frocks.4dozen red twilled kersey10pounds linen thread.
6dozen handkerchiefs. shirts.1gross assorted needles.
8dozen hats.4dozen drab twilled kersey4dozen thimbles.
4dozen pea-jackets. shirts.6gross of pipes.
5bales bleached cotton cloth.10dozen of pumps.3dozen axes.
7bales brown cotton cloth.20dozen of boots.3dozen hatchets.
7bales blue cotton cloth.50boxes of soap.6reams writing paper.
40pieces of prints.10boxes of sperm candles.6reams letter paper, etc.
6dozen of shoes.1,000pounds of tobacco.  
20cutting-spades.6boat masts.2skimmers.
2wide spades.40spruce poles for spare masts,3long handled bailers.
2throat-spades. sprits, etc.2hand bailers.
2head-spades.24lance-poles.1copper vent-pipe (large).
8boat-spades.40cords oak wood.1copper vent-pipe (small).
3blubber-hooks.6cords pine wood.1copper tunnel.
1large boat-hook.40barrels saw-dust.2copper tunnel noses.
8small boat-hooks.7new whale-boats.1branding iron (ship's name).
2steel blubber-forks.1old whale-boat.1binnacle bell.
1long-handled pike.9sets of oars (45 oars).1ship's bell.
6short-handled pikes.9steering oars.1tin bailer.
6gaffs.7sets rowlocks (35 rowlocks).1tin oil-tunnel.
3boarding-knives.1pair lifters.3tin assorted tunnels.
6leaning-knives.1cradle.2deck scoops.
1mincing-machine.18scrapers.1large signal lantern.
2mincing-knives.3shovels.1bowsprit lantern.
2line-hooks.1hoe.1side lantern.
6shackles for topsail sheets.8dozen fish-hooks, assorted.2side lights.
3sets can-hooks.1copper cooler and cock.1globe lantern.
1single can-hook for cooper.1hose-cock and joints.1cabin lantern.
10marline-spikes.1scuttle-butt cock.6boat lanterns.
250iron poles.3copper hand-pumps.1cook's lantern.
1binnacle lamp.1fin-chain.1oil hose and cock.
12chimneys for ditto.3head-straps.1hose-tub.
2blubber-room lamps.1chain stopper.1draw-bucket.
2candlesticks.1fish hook.2sets chest hinges.
2britannia lamps.4chain punches.8grate bars for try-works.
6Japan stand-lamps.1pair of grains.4iron knees for try-works.
8jacket lamps.1rope-jack.4smoke pipes for try-works.
6bake-pans for oven.28hooks and thimbles.2iron doors for try works.
6pie plates.18thimbles.1caboose stove (large) and ap-
5large tin pans.4boat anchors. paratus.
5small tin pans.1set chain pendants.1Horsburgh's East India Di-
4dozen sailor pans.1fire pike. rectory.
3coffee-pots.1/2dozen oil-scoops.2trowels
3tea-pots.3shackles.1blubber-room steel.
1britannia tureen.3cutting-toggles.2rigging screws.
1one-pint measure.1masthead waif.12pairs handcuffs.
1one-quart measure.1/2dozen large marline needles.1screw cutting-plate and dies.
1two-quart measure.3dozen small marline needles.20boat paddles.
1three-quart measure.3dozen roping needles.6boat anchors.
1gallon measure.5dozen assorted sail needles.4boat grapnels.
1molasses cup.1 1/2dozen sewing palms.6boat kegs.
6tinder boxes, complete.4balls shoe thread.4lantern kegs.
1brass speaking-trumpet.20pounds whipping twine.4drags.
1tin speaking-trumpet.50pounds sail twine.6line-tubs.
1pepper-box.2pounds lamp-wick.4fog-horns.
1nutmeg grater.2dozen corks.1dozen boat knives.
3lamp feeders.4pounds brimstone.1dozen boat hatchets.
2cullenders.6Bath brick.4boat crotches.
1tea canister.1side pump leather.4tub-oar crotches.
1coffee canister.2sides rigging leather.4boat buckets.
3pudding-bags.50pounds cannon powder.1dozen nippers.
1flour-box.25pounds musket powder.4dozen chock-pins.
2flour-scoops.2,000percussion caps.1case bucket.
2cook's dippers.1dozen muskets.1set turning gouges.
3tin wash-basins.2barrels clay.1set turning chisels.
3spare frying-pans.1barrel lime.3dozen floats, or coarse files,
1match safe.3barrels tar. for working whalebone.
4dozen tin pots.1/2barrel rosin.12brad-awls.
1crowbar.3try-pots (two sets in the3saddler's awls.
1stowing bar. try-works).3sewing awls.
12chain-hooks.1deck-pot and 1 spare deck-4,000copper tacks.
1set marking irons for craft. pot.4,000iron tacks.
4grapnels.4tons hard coal.1,000pounds of tobacco.
3fluke-chains.200bricks Books for ship's library

NOTE. -- Many of the articles herein enumerated are made on board ship from materials supplied for the purpose, while there are many others of but trivial importance which are not mentioned. Relative to the quantity of clothing and recruits -- the last named being also called "trade" -- they vary materially with different owners of ships and the nature of the voyage undertaken. Hence, the lists referred to can only be regarded as approximative. A Cape Horn voyage, as termed, ordinarily involves the time of three years or more. A ship that takes three seasons north, after arriving in the Pacific, generally prolongs her absence from home to three years and a half. Sperm whalers are not so much confined to the regular annual seasons for pursuing their prey as are the Right or Polar whalemen, as they change from one ground to another through the year, and their voyages are frequently extended from three and a half to four years. Vessels fitted out for the North Pacific, Arctic Ocean, Okhotsk Sea, or Japan Sea, generally sail from home in the fall of the year, in order to make the passage of Cape Horn or Cape of Good Hope during the summer season of that region; and all whalers, as far as practicable, return to the home coast in the spring months; yet we may say they are continually coming and going. But the old routine of whaling-voyages is now much changed, especially with the larger class of vessels which ply their vocation in the Pacific and contiguous waters. Many of the ships are now ordered by their owners to San Francisco, California, at the termination of each northern season, where an agent meets the vessels, and transacts the business of transshipping oil and bone, refitting ship, and changing officers and crews, which now often occurs.

      Scammon, Charles Melville, 1825-1911. The marine mammals of the north-western coast of North America, described and illustrated: together with an account of the American whale-fishery. By Charles M. Scammon ... San Francisco, J. H. Carmany; New York, Putnam's, 1874. Dover Reprint edition, pp.313-319.

Transcribed by Tom Tyler, Denver, February, 2003.