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Paul Maloney Fragment of the log of the 1830-34 Voyage of the Plough Boy (American Neptune, 1961)

Whaler Ploughboy

Fragment of [a log of the] whaler Ploughboy owned by the contributor
who would like to know where the rest of the log is.

Officers and Crew of the Ship Ploughboy
Sailed from Nantucket Bar on a whaling voyage September 26th, 1830
Nathan Chase - Commander
William Jay - first Mate - Dis[charged]
Leg cut off James H. Briggs - second Mate - Leg broke
Louis Monto - Third Mate
Henry Coffin - First Boatsteerer
Struck by whale Orlando Dunney - Second Boatsteerer - arm broke
Thomas S. Mitchell - Cooper
William S. Arthur - Do
Fell from aloft Daniel Remsen - Carpenter - 3 ribs broke
Coqumbo William Jones - Black Smith - run away
Valparaiso Louis Fontigua - Steward - run away
    "    " Gabriel Thompson - Cook - run away
    "    " William Hastings - sailor - run away
in a gale of wind Alexander Whippy - Do - Lost overboard
swam 3 miles Abraham Fareweather - Do - run away
swam 3 miles Silas Fareweather - Do - Left ashore sick
Sandwich Is. David McNiesh - Do - run away
    "    "    "Saml. Smith - Do - run away
Scurvey John Parmenter - Do - 2 fingers cut off
Guam Wm. Holding - Do - run away
Scurvey Charles Smith - Do - 4 toes cut off
Off duty H.B. Macy - sailor - 1 1/2 years sick fever & ague
The Ploughboy arrived at Nantucket Bar March 3rd 1834 with Nineteen Hundred Barrels sperm oil, started home with 2600 Balles. 700 Leakage.
Captured 89 Whales the largest whale Made 125 Barrels Oil. The Crew when settled with were each $17.00 in debt to the owner.

Contributed by Paul R. Maloney

Source: American Neptune, Vol. 21 (1961), p.222.


      This page is a transcription of a query about the location of the log book of the ship Plough Boy for 1830-1834 by Paul Maloney which appeared in the publication American Neptune, Vol. 21 (1961), p.222.

      Lewis Monto's journal for the 1830-1834 voyage only supports one or two of the events represented in Maloney's fragment that involved the crew. Fragments of First Mate William Jay's journal or log are known to exist, but it concludes with Jay's discharge at the Galapagos Islands in April 1833. The location of Maloney's partial journal is not known.

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