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Lewis Monto's
Plough Boy Journal
1827-1830 - Title Page

Journal Title page - 1827-1830

Title Page to Lewisi Monto's Journal - 1827-1830.

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      Image of the title page of Lewis Monto's manuscript whaling journal for his 1827-1830 voyage as cooper on the Nantucket whale ship Plough Boy, Nathan Chase, commander. This voyage lasted 1,119 days or 3 years and 23 days.

      Entries in the journal usually consist of shorthand phrases running one after another. In the transcription line breaks mark the end of such phrases. Punctuation in the manuscript is almost nonexistant. Frequently entries are divided by the three parts of the nautical day (12 noon to 12 noon the day following) -- Fore, Middle and Latter.

      Generally the transcription follows Monto's spelling. His many abbreviations are spelled out in full in italics. A question mark follows words where the transcriber was unsure of Monto's original.

      The journal itself is now in the collections of the Nantucket Historical Association, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA.

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